On The End Of A Quill

On The End Of A Quill

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Official Game Boy Players Guide

Released in 1992 this players guide from Nintendo came out right as the Game Boy was taking off and had a decent library of games. It was published by Nintendo of Europe, Nintendo Power in America released a similar guide for the Game Boy in 1991 but with different games. Coming in at nearly 150 pages it covers twenty six games under six categories - The Incredible Worlds of Mario (which you can see above) - Sports - Motor Mania - Comic Book Heroes - Movie Heroes - and Classics. Why Duck Tales are in Movie Heroes and Bugs Bunny is in Comic Book Heroes, I guess we'll never know?

The guide for each game gives plenty of clear screenshots and often will put multiple screens together to make a handy map for you to follow. There are lots of little illustrations on the pages, the Japanese illustrators would mostly go on to draw guides to pokemon games, which I'm sure gave them a bit more freedom than drawing little F1 cars and 18 holes of a golf course! Here you see Duck Tales, Ghostbusters 2 and Nintendo World Cup. All are scaled down versions of their NES cousins. Nintendo World Cup on the NES is still one of my favourite games.

R-Type got conversion to the Game Boy and this guide shows you how to beat its six levels before warning you that you will have to play the levels over again only this time much tougher. The Bydo Empire still LIVES! The Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan guide takes you up to stage 4-1, but there is still three more levels and bosses to go after that, maybe they thought no one would get there? WWF Superstars is covered in the Sports section of the guide, because back then it was real! There are only five superstars to choose from (two of which have now passed away) but they all pretty much have the same moves. You really need to invest in a link cable to get the most out of this one.

Here are some pics from the guide for Golf. Along with the neat little picture of the layout of each hole you get some advice on which club to use and where. It's like having your own little caddie.

Batman was one of my favourite games on the Game Boy back then, part platformer part shoot'em'up. The guide here dedicates eight pages to showing you how to gain victory, as you can see from the yellow box. I guess the editor preferred this game over the Turtles.


At the back of the book they give the lowdown on some other games you can pick up for your Game Boy. I played the Terminator 2 game a lot too.

Here are some more games, along with these there are guides to Gremlins 2, Tennis, The Chessmaster and lots of others. Apologies (again) for the bad quality pics, I was going to scan the pages but the guide has one rigid spine on it and I just went ahead and used my camera. When I have more time I'll scan them all up properly. Although I've promised that now a few times, I guess I better get my act together! If there is any particular game our page you want scanned, then just let me know.

At the very back of the guide there are two page spreads showing Nintendos home consoles. This being around the time of the death of the NES and the dawning of the SNES. There is also advertisements for other products, who wouldn't want a hip pouch for their Game Boy? and this, the Nintendo Entertainment System Players Guide. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of this guide, nor have I seen much about it on the internet either. Have you got a copy?

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