On The End Of A Quill

On The End Of A Quill

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

State of Play - Infinite Space

Occupying most of my time at the moment is the new Sci-Fi RPG from Sega on the DS called Infinite Space. I’m over 20 hours in and find myself at the end of chapter 4; I think there are 12 in all. I have no idea if that is slow going or not. It is definitely holding my attention more than the other RPG released on the DS that came out a few weeks previous, Phantasy Star Ø. But more on that in due time.

You play as Yuri. Who in typical JRPG fashion goes from wide eyed nobody to leader of a pretty varied band of space travellers, who fight intense space battles with scum from every sector of the universe. There just seems to be something about space travel that holds some mystique with people. You might be tapping between two dots on the screen and on any other game it would be crap, but this is space goddamn it! New planets open up to you as you progress from chapter to chapter. It’s a bit like Skies of Arcadia with all the pirates flying around. Between battles the story is pushed on with anime stills of all the various characters in the game. So far it seems to be a winner. A full and proper review if and when I finish it, you can only rate a game after you finish it, right?

Other games I have been dipping in and out of this month. Like most people I was drawn to the complex original active turn battle system employed by the...... okay, okay, it was the rather enticing box art by artist Hyung Taek Kim, and the game is no ugly duckling either, an interesting story and yes a rather novel but good battle system. I’m just after starting disc two. So I presume I’m halfway there.
My PS3 has just suddenly decided not to load any games anymore. It won’t take an update, won’t let me download any games from the internet and thinks my hard drive is full. So no games or DVDs, a big expensive ornament under the TV. I had hoped to get Resonance of Fate on PS3 but might just pick it up on the Xbox now. My GamerScore needs a much needed boost anyway.

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