On The End Of A Quill

On The End Of A Quill

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sega Hot Wheels Cars and GamePro Action Figures

Back in 2003 Sega came together with Hot Wheels and released a set of 5 cars that tied in with Sega games which were popular at the time. I have three of them; the two that are missing from the set are to do with the games, Space Channel 5 and Super Monkey Ball.

3 of the 5 Sega Hot Wheels cars

The House of the Dead green and black Phaeton (which Blogger has flipped upside down?)

Jet Set Radio Future in a nice yellow paint job and clear hood

A close up of the Shinobi Lotus Esprit
Around the same time GamePro magazine was involved with Joyride for a line of toys (though the box says they are for display purposes only!) that included characters from some popular games. A number of Sega titles got their own figures, as well as some games from EA. I did have Cel Damage on PS2, but I didn't think it was a great game. There was quite a number of action figures released, for games including Metroid and Zelda, and some of them are rather tough to get your hands on. Here are some pictures of the four sets I have.

Violet and Sinder from Cel Damage

Crazy Taxi with driver Axel and some passengers

Two Monkey Ball figures and the ball to roll them in. Hours of fun!

Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube is a really fun addictive game

SSX Tricky from EA had figures to collect too
A fold out in the box gives you a review of the game, ooooh Crazy Taxi gets a 4.5

Some Sonic and Virtua Fighter figures to collect (blame Blogger for the pics being sideways!)
GamePro seem to give everything a score of 4.5!

The cards included in the package

The cards have Cheat Codes and Hints on the back


  1. Hotwheels and Sega... Two things I love and two things I was unaware had ever mated. That House of the Dead thing's highly desirable!

    1. They are quite cool little oddities. I just remember that I was passing the miniature cars section of the toy shop one day and saw them, so had to pick them up.